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The modular based logistics execution tools are seamlessly integrated with an aggregation engine to provide unparalleled execution capability at your fingertips.

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We enable efficient logistics execution
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Carriers register their trucks with CARDIS by tagging trucks with CARDIS GPS devices and obtaining user licence for the company/ owner and drivers.

Now when a shipper needs to ship and looking for a truck, all he/ she has to do is to log in to CARDIS and upload the shipment details such as pick up location, drop off location/s, type of truck needed and weight and volume of cargo with any addition special remarks. This will give the shipper a unique booking reference The booking reference will be received by all the carriers in the plat form and will enable them to bid the prices. On the other end the shipper will view all the bids and choose the carrier based on any criteria preferred, such as price, user ratings, vehicle condition, age etc.


best transport pricing through competitive bidding


Intermediaries and agents eliminated instead shipper and truckers are matched directly


Shipper and the carriers all can track shipments real time through CARDIS


The recognition of a unique Eco system around the carriers by recognizing the owner, driver and the vehicle as separate yet integrated units in the CARDIS creates reliability and sustainability for virtual transaction for shippers.

This gives the ability to verify and understand the carriers better before committing shipments. This is done by Geo tagging the vehicle and paring it with the owner and drivers unique user applications. Vehicle tags will be GPS sensors with tamper proof and uninterrupted power supply for constant tracking.


Take advantage of the innovative logistics platform to find shipments and carriers and ship cheaper and run profitably. Whether it is a month end surge or a seasonal hike in demand, you will be assured to find your logistics needs fulfilled at CARDIS. Stop wasting time & effort calling truckers, agents and intermediaries, log in to www.cardis.lk and enable your logistics execution capability.

About Cardis

CARDIS - Your Cargo Distributed.

CARDIS uses the power of internet combined with GPS tracking and smartphones apps to efficiently connect shippers, consolidators and carriers in real time. CARDIS approach is to build solutions through Logistics domain perspective that are Practical, Userfriendly, Simple yet Sophisticated and Advanced to keep up with the latest in cutting edge Information technology.