Reduce transportation costs, save time, increase profitability and more. Schedule deliveries, build and optimize routes with our load planning solution.


Use advanced heuristics and data analysis to create smart zones.


Based on everything that’s important to your business, create the most optimized routes.


Loads along the planned routes will be scheduled for optimum trucks

CARDIS – Transport Operations Management System (TOMS)

TOMS will provide carriers with an automated transport operations management capability, carriers can book, schedule, execute jobs and bill and later create management information for decision making.

Unlike any other tool available in the market, CARDIS TOMS comes with GPS tracked. This enables carriers to track assets against bookings/ jobs to better manage resources, including trucks, drivers and cleaners.

TOMS will create and Eco system combining trucks, drivers and owners as an integrated unit for better reliability.


- Complete paper less transport operation
- Real time booking, scheduling and tracking of jobs
- Historical job tracing with replay facility against specific booking reference
- Data base of vehicles with operational details such as capacity, payload and other specifications.
- Data base of drivers and helpers with scanned copies of paper work such as Driving Licence, Police Report and Government agent certificates, etc.

CARDIS – Yard Management System

CARDIS yard management system (YMS) is a cloud based application with handheld enabled software designed to oversee the movement of trucks and trailers and vehicles in the yard of a manufacturing facility, warehouse, or distribution centre.

CARDIS – YMS will offer comprehensive tracking and tracing of vehicular movement inside facilities with historical data for management information. This will use android and iOS platforms the QR coded tracking mechanism.

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